Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Chinese Diebold-Rudebusch Yield Curve Modeling and Forecasting

A Chinese edition of Diebold-Rudebusch, Yield Curve Modeling and Forecasting: The Dynamic Nelson-Siegel Approach, just arrived. (I'm traveling -- actually at IMF talking about Diebold-Rudebusch among other things -- but Glenn informed me that he received it in San Francisco.) I'm not even sure that I knew it was in the works. Anyway, totally cool. I love the "DNS" ("Dynamic Nelson-Siegel") in the Chinese subtitle. Not sure how/where to buy it. In any event, the English first chapter is available free from Princeton University Press, and the English complete book is available almost for free (USD 39.50 -- as they used to say in MAD Magazine: Cheap!).

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