Friday, May 29, 2015

OK, I'll Continue With Google Blogger

First, apologies for the posts about my Google Blogger situation. I fear that they border on spam, but at the same time I need to communicate the situation.

Anyway, wow, what a flow of communications regarding the last post, from more routes and with more concerns than I knew existed (e.g., I had no idea that so many people were using RSS feeds).  OK, I'll leave things on Google Blogger, just as always, as it's true that many of the Google problems seem now to have been resolved. (Let me know if you're still getting warnings or whatever.) One remaining thing that's really annoying is that Twitter won't let me tweet anything containing the URL "". (Evidently Twitter shares blacklists with Google but is negligent in refreshing the list.) That's why the tweets, now contain "fxdiebold dot blogspot dot com" instead, which makes it harder for you, since you have to edit the "dots" and can't just tap directly on a live hyperlink. Thanks for putting up with such nonsense; hopefully that too will soon be fixed.

And finally, many thanks for your support. It's most gratifying to know that I'm serving you well. I view No Hesitations as one of the most important things that I do. Thanks again.

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