Thursday, June 4, 2015

2015 French Open Djokovic-Nadal Tennis Graphic, and Some Explanation

We now have the ability to produce our tennis graphic in near-real time. Here's Djokovic-Nadal from the French Open quarterfinals, 4 June 2015. The graph below plays quickly (click on it to enlarge and replay), but as usual on my web page we also have medium and slow versions that preserve more drama. I'll stop posting the graphs to No Hesitations unless we come up with something methodologically new; instead, they'll just be on my web page. Moving forward, I hope to post graphics at least for Men's and Women's grand slam finals.

One thing. People are sometimes confused as to what we're doing. We are not modeling the conditional probability that Mr. X wins the match, updated dynamically. That's very interesting, and there is good work in that direction by Klassen and Magnus, among others. But that's not what we want to do, and it's not what our graphic shows. Instead, we simply want to provide an informative visual summary of a match, doing for tennis precisely what box scores do for baseball, only better.

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