Thursday, November 3, 2016


Check out this new prize, (Thanks, Dave Giles, for informing me via your tweet.) It should be USD 1 Million, ahead of the Nobel, as statistics is a key part (arguably the key part) of the foundation on which every science builds.

And obviously check out David Cox, the first winner. Every time I've given an Oxford econometrics seminar, he has shown up. It's humbling that he evidently thinks he might have something to learn from me. What an amazing scientist, and what an amazing gentleman.

And also obviously, the new StatPrize can't help but remind me of Ted Anderson's recent passing, not to mention the earlier but recent passings, for example, of Herman Wold, Edmond Mallinvaud, and Arnold Zellner. Wow -- sometimes the Stockholm gears just grind too slowly. Moving forward, StatPrize will presumably make such econometric recognition failures less likely.

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