Friday, June 12, 2020

Real Economics in Business Strategy Simulation

This spam somehow made it through my filters.  But it looks pretty cool, not really spam.  Maybe my filters are smarter than I thought.

I am certainly not expert in micro / IO / marketing, so maybe I'm far behind the curve, but at any rate the practitioner in me was intrigued by the tools described in the email below.  I have no idea whether they're any good, but it's certainly interesting to see real economics evidently getting in closer touch with the nitty-gritty of practical business decision making.

Hi Professor Diebold:

Model the dynamics of your market with Market Simulation:

Our 100+ example models include:

  • Cournot / Bertrand / Edgeworth / Giffen / Hotelling / Nash
  • Stackelberg Leader-Follower Price Competition
  • Wholesaler-Retailer Double Marginalization / M&A
  • eCommerce / Brick & Mortar
  • Good / Better / Best Product Pricing
  • Learning Curves / Search Costs / Bundling
  • Capacity Limitations / Switching Costs / Cannibalization
  • Conjoint Analysis / New Product Development

Our case studies include:

  • Android vs iOS 
  • Microbrews (6-parts)
  • Cola Wars (7-parts)
  • SUV Market (2-parts)
  • Competitive Strategy Game CSG (2-parts)
  • Porter’s Five Forces (5-parts)
Model, analyze, and solve your pricing / product / positioning / placement. Or send in your problem for us to solve.

Happy Simulations!


Ted Hartnell | CTO
Phone: +1-415-800-4454
Address: 25 Pond Court, Milpitas, CA 95035

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