Sunday, March 14, 2021

The Finance Crowd Analysis Project

I have long been interested in crowdsourcing, from a forecast combination perspective. Fincap, described below, is related but different.  I look forward to seeing and pondering the fincap results.

The following material is adapted from the Fincap project site.  For details, including a really slick 2-minute video intro, see

#fincap is the first crowd-sourced empirical paper in Economics/Finance.

More than 100 research teams (RTs) from around the world will test the same set of hypotheses on the same data. They will work independently and write a short academic paper based on their findings.

These reports will be evaluated by more than 30 distinguished academics whom we refer to as peer evaluators (PEs). Their feedback will be passed on to the RTs so that they can revise their papers. 

The project coordinators will study the #fincap results to learn about the scientific process. They have committed ex-ante to a meta-science analysis which was frozen before any instructions and data were given to the RTs and PEs.

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