Friday, May 17, 2013


Two questions loom large in my mind: (1) Am I really writing a blog?, and (2) If so, how did I get here? The answers are (1) Yes, and (2) I'm not exactly sure, but I'm the same as I ever was.

Why No Hesitations? At first I liked No Reservations, but then I realized that a certain ex-chef turned television star might take issue (read: sue me), so I settled on No Hesitations, which is actually better for several reasons. First, it conveys the same flavor of honest, no-holds-barred, observation. Second, it discards the double entendre of "no reservations," which is sensible since I don't plan to write about restaurant meals (although you never know). Third, again, I won't get sued. So it's good all around.

As it says in the "About The Blog" blurb, this blog will contain news and views, comment and criticism, rants and raves. Perhaps the best way to sketch a bit of what I plan to do is to start by sketching a bit of what I won't do. First, I promise not to torture you with boring policy drivel. Put differently, if I ever post an installment with a title of, say, ``On Regulatory Framework Considerations for Theoretical and Empirical Macro-Prudential Analysis of Systemic Risk with Implications for Basel XIV," please shoot me. In addition, I won't provide too much commentary on current events, as doing so would require me to know about current events.  Seriously, though, friends like Jim Hamilton and Menzie Chin at  Econbrowser, or John Cochrane at The Grumpy Economist would run circles around me -- their continuous insights and energy never cease to amaze me.

OK, what then will I do, if I don't torture you with current events and policy drivel? Basically I'll torture you with Diebold drivel. In particular, if you're interested in financial markets and associated macroeconomic fundamentals, in their relation to data, statistics and predictive modeling, you'll like the blog. Did I mention data, statistics and predictive modeling?

Let me expand on my assertion of "honest, no-holds-barred, observations." You'll find No Hesitations quirky and different, turning stones often unnoticed, let alone turned. For example, in addition to Diebold drivel, you'll find ruminations on things ranging from academic life to Led Zeppelin. And you'll find it mildly irreverent, if you haven't already. By the way, did I mention data, statistics and predictive modeling?

So much for wanton aggrandizing. But while I'm at it, let me take it to the limit, concluding as I began, with a question: Might No Hesitations emerge as the most interesting blog in the world? Stay reading my friends.  

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