Monday, September 23, 2013

Deep Inside the LSE

Mary Morgan, Professor of History and Philosophy of Economics at LSE (Department of Economic History) is giving a talk at Penn today, in our Department of History and Sociology of Science. She's done interesting work in the history of econometrics, and more recently in the methodology of economics. We've never met, so I'm looking forward to her talk.

The occasion led me to pop into the LSE web site, which was fun because I haven't been at LSE in ages. Of course one is aware of the LSE leaders in one's own fields (for me, econometrics, economics, finance), but one forgets that there's much, much more there. Look below at all the topics (and click to see the people) stuffed into the LSE. Truly unique! Basically anything that would fit in The Economist fits somewhere at LSE. Even their logos look similar, with white letters on a bright red background. Must be a British thing.

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