Friday, December 17, 2021

Glenn Rudebusch Leaves FRBSF

So now it's public.  Glenn Rudebusch, arguably the best researcher in a 25-year span at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco (FRBSF), and indeed in the entire Federal Reserve System, is "leaving".  (Check him out on Google Scholar.)  A year and a half ago FRBSF was sponsoring a conference in his honor, yet now, inexplicably, he is departing.  Not sure what happened in the interim, except his founding and leading FRBSF's highly-influential Virtual Seminar on Climate Economics and related urgently-needed climate initiatives.  Perhaps the seminar, and his path-breaking climate research more generally, were too hot for some to handle (also see here).  I’m certain that Glenn will do more great research as a visiting scholar somewhere, continuing to integrate issues related to climate change into macroeconomics, finance, and policy.

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